About Chike Okoli



Chike Okoli was born to Mr. and Mrs Emeka Okoli, on May 26, 1980, at Queen Charlotte Hospital, London. He had his primary education at our Saviours School and Corona, Ikoyi. From there he moved on to Cottesmore Preparatory School, and later, to Kings Cantebury, Kent. He graduated in Law at the University of Hertfordshire, and obtained his Masters degree from the University of Exeter. Consumed with a believe in the future of his country, and a desire to make a difference in his generation, he returned to Nigerian and set up Carden Energy Services Limited On may, 31, 2005, five days after his 25th birthday, he died from undetected coronary artery disease. Like a meteor, Chike Okoli streaked across the horizon of our lives, illuminated the paths of many, and passed on the blaze of colour and glory. He dreamt dreams, lived a most focused life, and agonized for his endangered generation. He life was one worth celebrating, his conviction one that must not be allowed to die, and his courage, one that commends itself to generations yet unborn. When he passed on to a glorious eternity at the young age of 25, he left behind a gaping void in the hearts of many and unfulfilled dreams and plans. He believed so much in Nigerian and in the power of free enterprise. He saw opportunities where the untrained eye has looked and failed. In seizing the opportunities, he was more kind than ruthless. He knew that true greatness is not measured by what you get by what you give. He stopped at nothing in recreating under-performing lives. His passion was entrepreneurship. He wanted to create businesses but more importantly he wanted to build people, impact lives and teach the virtues of purpose, passion and accountability, his sine qua non for greatness. He taught people to ask where do they make the most impact and not where do they get the biggest laurels. In memory of his short but remarkable life and to pursue the very ideals that he lived for; the Chike Okoli Foundation and its brainchild, the Chike Okoli Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies were established. One of Chike’s dreams in life was to help everyone he met tell a better story





In celebration of CHIKE EDWARD OKOLI, we introduce the CHIKE OKOLI FOUNDATION in advancement of the very virtues he lived and hoped and worked for. He genuinely wanted everybody to tell a better story.....